Monday, July 23, 2007

Welcome to Warning Against Reds! (and Jihadists, Nazis, and others who hate America)

Welcome to Warning Against Reds, the premier anticommunist site. We will be going on a journey to discover Communists, Jihadists, Nazis, envirowackos, and others who hate America).

As you all know, the Antiwar movement is led by communists. ANSWER, for example, is led by the Party for Socialism and Liberation. The Party for Socialism and Liberation supports Kim Jung Il and Stalinism. United for Peace and Justice is ran by the Communist Party USA and the Social Democrats. Finally, World Can't Wait is ran by the Revolutionary Communist Party, which adheres to Maoism and Stalinism. These groups also have radical Islamist groups within them, as well as green groups and even Nazis.

Foreign countries are also threatening us. China and Russia/CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States, successor to the USSR) have been expanding their militaries and increasing their anti-American rhetoric. Iran and North Korea are also threats. Finally, the threat has spread to our hemisphere, with the emergence of Hugo Chavez, and the reemergence of Daniel Ortega and Raul Castro.

The goals of this blog are to expose the left for what they are and to counter them. I hope you get ready for the journey, as it will be a wild ride.

Warning Against Reds

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